Leander, TX, USA



A Safe Place for Healing, Support, and Friendship

Hi! I'm glad you're here! I want to welcome you to our community of men and women who have decided to move forward in their journey of healing from sexual abuse and domestic violence. 

I want to offer you a safe place where you can come and connect with people, just like you, who understands and can help you move forward from the pain in your past and present.

Here is where you can, if you choose, share your experiences, trials, and pains with others, grow from what others are sharing from their personal experiences, ask questions, and also learn from the tools, resources, and material I will share with you that will directly impact your healing in a positive way. 

Our community is located in a CLOSED SECRET Facebook group. Its sole purpose is to facilitate your healing, and it's a place where we always maintain a safe and positive environment where you can thrive in your journey towards wholeness. 

One thing I have learned along my journey towards wholeness is I'm not alone. I can choose to reach out for help, and when I do, it's AMAZING the healing I receive just knowing someone is by my side who understands. 

We want to be here for you! We want to help you! You're not alone, and there are many of us who understands EXACTLY what you are going through! So, choose to join us! Choose to give yourself the gift of community! Who knows. Your breakthrough and exactly what you're missing for your healing may be in this very group of people! Break the silence, and choose HEALING, HOPE, and FREEDOM! We're here for you!

"By yourself you’re unprotected.

With a friend you can face the worst.

Can you round up a third?

A three-stranded rope isn’t easily snapped" Ecc. 4:12 (MSG)

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