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The Life of a Dreamer, Gracie

I was a dreamer when I was a little girl. I dreamed of taking a flight to Paris, France by my future husband in our private jet, just for lunch, and flying back home the same day. I dreamed of kissing my first boyfriend with the most perfect, passionate, unforgettable kiss that would lead us to fall in love with each other, get married, and live happily ever after. I dreamed of the cutest boy in my school taking one look at me and finally realizing I was the woman of his dreams. I dreamed all the time, but one day the content of my dreams changed.

I started dreaming about the day I would come home from school and find my mom dead, killed by my father. I started dreaming about the day I would slip out and escape from my home to get away from the sexual abuse and domestic violence that was happening inside the walls of the place that was supposed to protect me and keep me safe. I started dreaming about the day I would escape the pain and suffering in my heart that seemed to follow me everywhere I went. I was still dreaming, but the content of my dreams drastically changed.

Today is no different. I'm still dreaming, but then again, the content of my dreams have changed. Today I'm dreaming of millions of men and women who are being  freed from the prison of their past of sexual abuse and trauma. I'm dreaming of men and women who are being freed from SHAME, FEAR, and PAIN and are creating a life of HEALING, HOPE, and FREEDOM for themselves! I'm dreaming of men and women who are choosing the journey from BONDAGE to LIFE! I'm dreaming of all those men and women who are finding their voice again, gaining power back for themselves that was taken away when they were a victim. I'm dreaming of them! I'm dreaming of YOU! I'm dreaming of ME!

This is a book series that is a journey of my true life. It tells you about my life in storybook form. It lets you in on the life of a dreamer, me. 

The purpose of this book series is to give a voice to survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence and lead them to see that a life worth dreaming about is a life worth fighting for dreams worth living! 

Also, it is a book series that will teach you step-by-step the many different tools and resources I have used that you could use to assist your own healing in your life. My hope, is that by reading these books, you will find your key to unlock your prison door and start walking in freedom! I want to encourage you, it only takes one key! One key can unlock many MANY prison doors that may be keeping you captive to your past.

PAINFUL BEGINNING is a tear-jerking story of Gracie, a young girl who experiences sexual abuse and domestic violence, and whose life was saved by her hero, Jesus.

The story unfolds as she shares her challenges of abuse, her thought life and feelings in the midst of those situations, and her triumph above her life of pain. 

As she maneuvers through the landmines of sadness, disappointments, betrayals, and depression, and much more, she learns tools and is connected to resources that help her create a life of joy, freedom, and healing, a miraculous transformation to a promising future from the remains and broken pieces of her past.

In this book series, Gracie will unfold the steps to many tools she uses to claim freedom as her own. Tools such as:

- invocative imagery

- lectio divina

- self-care sensory tools

- healthy attachment styles

- learning the fear cycle

- steps to release shame

- steps to let go of fear

- how to learn to love and

  trust again

- how to grow in self-love

- how to build a strong    

  support system

- memorization

- prayer and meditation

- increasing your health

- all natural solutions to    

  emotional stability


You will watch as she finds herself and build the Cinderella story she never thought could exist! And it DOES exist!

So, journey with her through the Dreamer Series as she takes you along the ride of her life! Be a part of her dreams and learn the power of the secret she finally learned that led her to a life unimaginable to her. Watch the metamorphosis of her life. Come with Gracie! Watch and experience how a helpless victim of childhood molestation becomes a triumphant survivor to empowerment and freedom!  

The ultimate miracle that could happen as you dive into the life of Gracie is as you learn about Gracie's life you'll realize for yourself that if Gracie could go from victim to overcomer, YOU CAN TOO!

And maybe through your dreams is how you get there! 


BOOK #1 in the Dreamer Series
Sneek Peek!!!

She froze. Hearing the sound of footsteps slowly approaching her room gave her the same dreadful chill she had been experiencing for many nights now. Frozen with fear she laid there with her body stiff as a board, her breath straining in and out from her lungs in short shallow pumps, and her heart pounding so hard she knew any moment it would explode from her chest. Silence. She couldn't hear anything or anyone. "Where is he?" she thought. The seconds of silence dragged by what seemed like hours, but then she heard him. The door creaked open and his icy presence filled the whole room. She frantically, but strategically, started tucking the edges of the sheet under her stiff body, as to create a completely sealed enclosure around her. She could sense him getting closer and closer. She stopped breathing. He stood right beside her bed. She froze. With all the strength and courage she could muster up, she quietly and quickly breathed the words she hoped would change the outcome of tonights events, "Lord, please make him go away tonight."

And then, she felt his hand on her back.

Sometimes our beginnings are less than stellar. Sometimes our beginnings are of no choice of our own. Sometimes our beginnings are frightening, as in Gracie's. 

Come along and join the journey of Gracie's life, starting as a young, beautiful, vibrant, young girl born to a common average family in a small town, Fanx, South Carolina. Her mother, Gladiolus, and her father, Edark, has a very rocky marriage. In this place Gracie begins her young life. Little known to her, the path of life ahead will be a message of grace, restoration, and healing, but first she will be introduced to her constant companions of FEAR, PAIN, and SHAME. This is only the painful beginning!

Book #1, PAINFUL BEGINNINGS, of the Dreamer Series is soon-to-be released!
Release date TBA!
Follow for updates, get involved in the conversation around the topic of the book, sexual abuse, trauma, and domestic violence, and watch the behind the scenes events going on leading up to the anticipated release date of PAINFUL BEGINNINGS! Your opinions and comments are welcomed HERE!

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